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Self-Defense Training for Women


Learn to Defend Yourself

Women Empowering Women

RiseUp Personal Protection teaches you basic mental and physical skills and strategies to help increase your awareness, avoid confrontations, and prepares you to protect yourself should you be confronted with a physical altercation.

Female-Focused Training Classes

It's Time to Feel Safe!

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What Our Students Say About Us...

"I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for yesterday's self-defense class. It was great for our kids to hear so much that we may have forgotten to tell them but even more so for them to learn valuable techniques for getting out of bad situations. And also for them to feel the empowerment they have when they can do that.
I really appreciate the class and would love all of our girls to come again in a few years before they head off to college - and a world of bad people!"

Amanda B.

"Wanted to thank you for your time, talent, expertise and energy. What an important and empowering class. Practical, approachable, and you made it enjoyable and inclusive for all. You were so straight forward and skipped a lot of bullshit that could easily creep into that setting. I was refreshed to hear and see straight shooters out there helping people in such a meaningful way.
Thanks again. We really really appreciated the opportunity to work with you and learn so much."

Renee R.

"I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent self-defense class you taught yesterday. In four hours, you covered a lot of information and the oh so important hands on demonstration and class participation. The four hours flew by. Your passion to spread awareness and have your participants learn they can protect themselves was so evident.
Thank you again---we are so fortunate to have a resource in you."

Alison T.

Practicing Self Defense Outdoors

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