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Cari King - Women's Self-Defense Trainer

Meet Your Instructor 
Cari King

A Woman Empowering Women

My name is Cari King and I have been teaching Self-Defense to women for over 15 years now.

I began training in Martial Arts in 1995 with an introduction through a women's self defense class very similar to what I offer today. The confidence I gained lead me to pursue a career in Law Enforcement after college, where I continued to gain and refine both my physical and mental defensive skills.

Though I am no longer a LE officer, I have continued to hone and refine my skills by training in and experiencing many different martial arts styles, from traditional Karate, to Krav Maga, boxing, the Filipino stick and knife arts, and most recently Brazilian JiuJitsu.

I currently hold the rank of Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate and Blue Belt in BJJ, and regularly train with other students from all walks of life, from Law Enforcement, to military and veterans, to surgeons and stay at home mom's.

Let me work with you to reach your self-defense goals so you can feel safe and be confident that you can handle whatever may come your way.

Cari King with her Self-Defense Class Photo

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